Private Portuguese Wine Dinners

  • 5-10 People
  • 3 Hours
  • All weather
  • Accessible

Traditional Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary upgrade by chef- Bruno Avelino

It’s part of our best tradition to host our friends around the table… what a better way to share our culture than to serve it so it can be tasted! Bruno Avelino is a great modern chef, blending wisely tradition with contemporary cuisine. Our partnership with local wineries give us the opportunity to try the best wines from Lisbon Wine Region. Enjoy a private dinner with your family and friends in a comfortable and cozy environment. Discover the pleasures of our gastronomy the best possible way.

10% Discount

If you reserve your spot today we will give you 10% discount.

Private and Intimate

Enjoy a special dinner without worrying about privacy, discretion or time limits.


Book your stay at our Guesthouse and enjoy the comfort of staying after dinner in the comfort of our country house.

Traditional Portuguese Cuisine

Traditional portuguese cuisine with a contemporary upgrade by a great “westcoast” chef- Bruno Avelino, lead by wine specialist.

This is the Mood of Our Dinners

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I had a great time during the dinner at Countryvilla Bombarral, I was able to get to know some more about local culture and appreciate things I didn’t know existed in this region!
Marcelo Luna
January 2019
On a cold January night, I was lucky enough to warm my body and soul with a fantastic dinner. A beautiful, warm room, great guests a tasty meal in perfect marriage with large nectars from the west. Perfect combination.
September 2018
Professional chef with a great sommelier perfect combination for a great dinner. The house itself and whole are is very calm and relaxing yet there are lots of activities to do around. My favorite is Buddha Eden.
Gabor Kovacs Boszormenyi
December 2018
My Dear friend Carlos, Thank you so much for the excellent dinner and social service you provided us. A group of people turns who were fortunate enough to be served by a Chef and an oenologist who presented us with excellent delicacies.
Dulce Várzea
November 2018
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